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Raiz do Brejo is a company from Paraíba and has been operating in the cassava products market for over 30 years, providing several ingredient options for your recipes, including wet starch, paste, flour and polvilho (tapioca starch).


Our pride is to be part of this land and to live off our region gives. Our company was founded in Lagoa Seca, a city that is part of the Metropolitan Region of Campina Grande in the countryside of Paraiba and today we operate in all states of the northeast region and in several states in other regions of Brazil, where you can experience the best quality of our products in fairs, markets and supermarkets. Raiz do Brejo also has a significant presence in the international market, being in several European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and countries in North America: United States and Canada.

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Our products come from family farms in our region that work using sustainable agriculture, which favors the economy of this sector and reduce the environmental impact on our fauna and flora. All of this using a strict quality system, which offers much more security for your table and much more flavor for your recipes. The manufacture, storage and packaging of our products are carried out according to all technical and hygiene standards, which ensures that our natural products preserve all of their nutritional properties.

Raiz do Brejo puts on your table the best cassava products and currently our company has 7 products 100% natural, preservative free, lactose free and 0% gluten: Goma para Tapioca (Wet starch for tapioca), Tapioquinha, Massa de Mandioca (Cassava Paste), Polvilho Doce (Sweet starch), Polvilho Azedo (Sour starch), Cassava Flour, Farinha de Mandioca- Quebradinha, and a line of ready-to-eat farofa produced with cassava flour and selected ingredients to make your meals even more full of flavor: Farofa Pronta (ready-to-eat farofa-traditional flavor)and Farofa Pronta – Sabor Churrasco(ready-to-eat farofa-barbecue flavor).

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