embalgaens goma de tapioca

Wet Starch For Tapioca

Wet starch for tapioca is a natural and healthy product. It is a great source of energy and flavor for your recipes.

embalagem massa de mandioca

Cassava Paste

For you to rock in the kitchen, cakes and puddings get a more than special flavor with our Cassava Paste.

fecula mandioca 1 kg

Fécula de Mandioca (Cassava Starch)

For you who love to give more flavor and reinvent yourself in the kitchen. Our starch is a great ingredient to make your recipes special.

farinha de mandioca embalagem

Farinha De Mandioca (Cassava Flour)

Cassava flour cannot be absent from the Brazilian table, being a tasty, healthy and natural accompaniment.

embalagem farinha quebradinha

Farinha De Mandioca – Quebradinha (Cassava Flour - Crushed)

Innovate your recipes, explore the textures and make your daily life much tastier with Farinha de mandioca - Quebradinha.

embalagem polvilho doce

Polvilho Doce (Sweet Starch)

A tasty and healthy ingredient option, sweet starch cannot be absent from your biscuits, dough and Brazilian cheese bread (pão de queijo).

embalagem polvilho doce

Polvinho Azedo (Sour Starch)

For those cooks who love to create in the oven and stove. Polvilho Azedo gives the recipes an unmistakable flavor.

farofa tradicional raiz do brejo

Farofa Pronta (Ready-To-Eat Farofa-Traditional Flavor)

Practicality and quality, our farofa pronta has an unmistakable flavor and is prepared with special ingredients.

embalagem raiz do brejo farofa de churrasco

Farofa Pronta – Churrasco (Ready-To-Eat Farofa-Barbecue Flavor)

Farofa, a barbecue set and Raiz do Brejo, a typical Brazilian and extremely tasty mix.

embalagem tapioquinha


A versatile and unique flavor ingredient, our Tapioquinha will make your recipes healthier and tastier.

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